“Marriage allows love to be spoken, to be sung, to be celebrated. Love needs to be expressed in a sacred way, it needs rituals, pledges of how it incarnates the wondrous and the divine“.

D. Sonet, (Let’s discover love)

Celebrating love

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Dear couple: so you have decided to get married? Congratulations!

The civil ceremony at the registry office or town hall is often very impersonal and leaves you feeling dissatisfied. Do you dream of a timeless, magical event, with a French touch, to celebrate your love and to show your couple and your union to those most important in your lives? Would you like to commit yourselves sincerely, spiritually, and to exchange your vows, your consent and your rings in an intense moment of sharing, of music and emotion, where your family, your witnesses and your guests will feel as involved as both of you?

Whatever your beliefs, your cultural origins, your religious, spiritual or philosophical convictions, you have the choice to experience, without any discrimination, a marriage ceremony which is 100% customized to your image.

Your made-to-measure ceremony

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ARIA invites you to experience a marriage ceremony full of emotion and meaning, in accordance with the sacred significance of this day, tinged with solemnity, spirituality, magic and elegance, where the atmosphere, the words and the music and singing will reflect your love, your values and your commitment.


Imagine the place that best corresponds to you (a church, the place in which you are holding your reception, a beach, a forest, a chapel, a garden…): ARIA conceives and makes your personalized ceremony possible, with you and for you, with Ariane Douguet (lien?), French opera singer and professional secular celebrant.


The voice and songs sang by Ariane Douguet will be the thread, revealing all the beauty, joy and grace of your ceremony, with that special French touch: a rare and exclusive service, designed to ‘enchant’ your union.

You can choose from her repertoire of songs (Ave maria, gospel, opera, sacred music, contemporary songs, cinema, jazz…) which she will sing during the ceremony.


Accompaniment options: a capella, orchestral sound track or other instruments as you choose (string quartet, piano, organ, harp, jazz band…).


Ariane Douguet has a special relationship with a number of musicians (string quartet, piano, organ, harp, cello, jazz band…) and other service providers (decorators, set designers, landscape artists, florists, makeup artists, hairdressers, video artists, photographers, DJs…) known for their talent, their professionalism, their sensitivity and their team spirit, which are indispensable to create a quality event in a serene and harmonious atmosphere.


Your ceremony will remain a unique and unforgettable moment, one of the most beautiful memories of your wedding forever graven on the memories of your family and your guests!

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♪ A religious ceremony 


Solo singers and liturgical facilitation

You have chosen to become united according to your Christian convictions in the Catholic or Protestant tradition: ARIA accompanies you in the creation and organization of the musical program and of the customized scenario for your mass or benediction..

A religious celebration ‘American style’ outside, at the location of your wedding reception, is possible: its organisation depends on the approval of your religious celebrant.

Inter-faith ecumenical religious celebrations are possible for mixed Christian couples: ARIA has experience of Catholic-Protestant religious ceremonies, Catholic-Orthodox, Catholic-Anglican and Catholic-Evangelical ceremonies.

Today’s society is more and more multicultural, with an increase in the number of marriages between people of different religions. Other religious celebrations for unions among couples of differing religions are also increasing: a priest and a rabbi, a rabbi and a vicar, a vicar and an imam, etc. All combinations are possible as long as one is sufficiently open-minded to organise such a ceremony without having to convert and/or give up one’s faith.

If a religious celebration is not possible, a secular ceremony becomes a genuine spiritual and ecumenical alternative.

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♪ A secular ceremony for a symbolic engagement


Beyond the mere principle of the separation of Church and State, the term ‘secular’ is closer to a humanist life philosophy and freedom of thought.


If you do not wish, or are unable to have a religious ceremony (unbeliever, divorced, ‘PACS’ in France/ civil solidarity pact, a couple where both have different religions, remarriage, gay or lesbian union, LGBT…), a secular ceremony is a great spiritual alternative to celebrate your love and commitment.


ARIA will accompany you in the creation of your personalized secular ceremony with a scenario, rituals, a musical program sung live by your officiating singer, a staged event created in accordance with your values, beliefs and sensitivities.

Ceremonies in French / English

Organising a made-to-measure Elopement
Vow renewal
Rituals, including: handfasting, unity candle, rose ceremony, jumping the broom, loving cup, ring warming, sand ceremony.

En pratique

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Whatever the form of celebration you have in mind (religious or secular, wedding, elopement, wedding anniversary or the renewal of your vows) and the style of your wedding (intimate or public, traditional or more creative, simple or sophisticated), ARIA allows you to experience the ceremony of your dreams!

Everything is done to simplify your life in three stages:

1. Getting to know each other


2. Collaboration : on the basis of an interactive coaching session which will allow you to relive the memories of how you both met and the story of your couple, Ariane will guide you and will help to free your creativity in order to give shape to your dream event.

She will accompany you in the creation of the scenario and the musical program for your ceremony.


3. D-Day: Ariane will take charge of the co-ordination with the various participants in the ceremony in order to free you from these material aspects, allowing you to fully experience your event and make the best of the presence of your nearest and dearest.

She will then stand by your side to sing and celebrate your love.

Geographical coverage

ARIA is based in Paris (75) and in the PACA region (Vaucluse Lubéron Alpilles, 84), in South Eastern France.


Because love is universal and knows no boundaries, ARIA is mobile throughout France (Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux, Nîmes, Uzès, Nice, the Côte d’Azur, Var, Alpes Maritimes, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Gard…), Corsica, the ‘DOM TOM’ and internationally (Monaco, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Geneva, Lausanne, Brussels, Marrakech…).


Our path at ARIA has up until now been made up of multiple and wonderful meetings, moments to share, emotional moments and moments of pure joy