Vocal coach in Vaucluse - Singing & vocal technique lessons

Are you looking for vocal technique & singing lessons or a vocal coach in Vaucluse ?


I put at your service my experience as a professional singer and my expertise as a certified vocal coach in order to reveal all your physiological vocal potential, to serve all styles of music.

Ariane Douguet coach vocal chanteuse lyrique officiante de cérémonie maitre de cérémonie funéraire cours de chant


  • beginner,
  • amateur,
  • professional – soloist or choir singer


No particular knowledge (solfeggio) is required to practice singing.

cours de chant vaucluse coach vocal technique vocale

The score is one thing and the singing part another.

If I have the music in mind and sing with my body then it’s fine.”

Luciano Pavarotti


coach vocal cours de chant technique vocale vaucluse voix art oratoire


  • to learn fundamental notions in respiratory & vocal physiology
  • to develop your breathing amplitude + mindfulness breathing  + role of the palate veil
  • to access your natural physiological voice, discover your stong vocal identity with an homogeneous timbre over the whole range with flexibility & efficient power
  • to rediscover the ideal vocal health (after voice forcing) & vocal endurance



  • to learn a dynamic warm-up method & a real physiological vocal technique to prepare for casting, auditions, concerts…
  • to develop strength, endurance & the ability to sing easily without vocal fatigue individually or in a group while having fun
  • to work on your listening skills (middle, inner and outer ear), singing in tune – mindset coaching & giving up your dark belief “I’m singing badly out of tune!”
  • to embody the score with more presence
  • preparation for audition, casting, a performance, a record session, a concert, a tour …
  • to learn how to manage stress & stage fright
  • to foster your artistic project, defining your artistic identity & your “style”…to


coaching de dirigeant donner de lelan a la creativite expression voix chant
  • laboratory – training on body, posture, breathing, voice & singing exercices
  • respiratory therapy to gain respiratory amplitude, learn to breathe consciously to manage the singer’s active exhalation
  • vocal rehabilitation exercises and vocalizes of the method of Dr Amy de la Bretèque (straw technique)
  • study & advice on repertoire (song, sacred music, opera…)
  • acting & stage work